"The quality of customer service Ashby's provides is outstanding.  We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service and the quality ou your delicious ice cream flavors.  We look forward to doing business with you for years to come."
Lupita Distaso, VP Purchasing, Bagger Dave's Restaurants

"My friends have been teasing me and telling me that I had to contact you and see if I could get on the payroll, or at least see if you could make me a biking jersey. :) They say that I have done more for your business this last year than any other advertising campaign you have had. (They only say that because they had never heard of Ashby's until I introduced them.) I tried your ice cream for the first time last summer and didn't know that I had. I just knew that I had the best ice cream I had ever had. Then this last February during a winter bike ride we stopped at an ice cream shop and I had another awesome ice cream flavor and asked who made it. They told me it was Ashby's. I came home, read your website, and have spent the last six months hunting out more flavors to try. [I've been taking] bike rides to places that carry your ice cream, and planning group bicycle rides to end up at ice cream shops that sell Ashby's. Eskimo kisses is my favorite so far (though Milky Way is a close second!), but I have yet to try them all.  I am in love, addicted, whatever you want to call it. I have been sharing this love with everyone and anyone I meet. They have all agreed that your ice cream is incredible, and they are addicted too.  :) Thanks for making wonderful ice cream! I will keep spreading the word!"
Janann, Ogden, IA

"The ice cream is the best. Our round trip is 45 miles, and always worth it!"
R&B, Hickory Corners, MI.

"I am so glad we switched to your ice cream several years ago--best move we ever made."
Clark & Cheryl Bordner, Biggins Big Dip, Akron, OH

"The ice cream quality is outstanding.  I love the variety of flavors.  Discovered a new favorite - Key Lime Pie"
Melodie, Roscoe, IL

"Dear Ashby's:  In the Spring of 2002, we happened upon your booth at the Farner-Bocken Show in Des Moine.  That chance meeting with. . .the fine folks from Ashby's Sterling Ice Cream led us to the best business decision we have made to date. . .Thank you for helping us with our success! Cathy & Andy Krieger, Ice House Country Mkt., Jefferson, IA

"I'm from Traverse City, Michigan, and your ice cream is a taste of home--keep up the good work!"
Francis, Hartwell, GA

"Hello, I opened a ice cream/retail store in April 2011.  I currently sell Hershey Ice Cream and on a reent vacation had some of your ice cream, and was wondering the prices and availability of your ice cream in my area."  Robin, Chilhowie, VA